virvlat vatten ett levande vatten     -     whirled water  living water



WATER WHIRLER In Stainless Maintenance free. No funny parts to wear.

The water goes around the left-and right-handed spirals - in a special

combination which give it enhanced two pole. With whirled water

in the drinking water system - and even better, even in heating system

- can energies from electrical appliances from remote and under-floor

heating is balanced. The energies passing through the water tube walls.

A similar effect can also be achieved by placing water in open or

closed vessels, and watering plants.

Swirling providing regularly a taste improvement.

A softer water hydrates better, which allows one t reduce the amount

of detergents and shampoos


Water Whirlers (stainless steel):

No maintenance; no moving parts. The water is whirled around

spirals in both a left and a right direction – similar to a brook

– in a special combination, which gives the water an increased

2-polarity energy. Whirled water in your drinking water system –

and still better also in your heating system,makes as harmful

energies from floor heating can be balanced.

The energies go through the metal ofhe pipes (Quant physics).

A similar effect can be reached by placing open or closed  vessels

filled with PlusMinus whirled water and by placing plants watered

with whirled water in the room



Weight 50 gr

Height 50 mm

Weight 120 grams


THE KITCHEN WREATHWITH BALL JOINT to angle and direct the stream.

Height 42 mm  Diameter 22 mm  Weight 50gr



Height 16 mm  Diameter 22 mm  Weight 25 mm



"The Bertil Pettersson story"

PlusMinus whirled water –

A positive influence on the life process


Contact us if you want to have an English translation

in Word-format.



- For extremely thin mobile phones

Placed inside the phones battery.

- Larger plates to put inside the shell of the I-Phones.

Relieves symptoms of low frequency electromagnetic fields.

Can be moved from one phone to another.




(51x31x0, 8 mm)

Adhesive. (Other tape may not be used!)

Attached to:

Telephone (base), I-Phone, PC.

Microwave - mounting eg on the oven door.

Kettle, smoke detector - is attached to the lid / casing

Vacuum cleaners, fax, copier, printer, clock radio.




(50x90 mm)

Reducing radiation in buildings

Effective at first when the paper at the back of the disc

has been removed! Self adhesive

To be in touch with the electric system of the building:

fastened on to the fuse box or attached to an electric wire.

Office and Apartment building, etc.




Growing with PlusMinus- sprouts irrigated with whirled water gave earlier and larger crop

One of the country's professional growers of sprouts - which are grown in dark environment -

mounted in autumn 2001 a PlusMinus-vortex mounted on the incoming water line and supplied with

community drinking water.

Cultivation with PlusMinus-whirled water gave the following benefits:

Reduced germination:

Reduction from earlier 5 days to about 3.5 to 4 days. A reduction of 20-25%.

Volume increase:

A finished farmed set of sprouts filled the sprouting trays initially to 85%. With whirled water and

unaltered amount of seeds, the trays are filled with sprouts 100% of the volume after the finished

cultivation. The reason for this is that now even the seeds at the bottom of the tray germinate.

Further, the sprouts grow bigger and brighter. The whirled water appears to provide more energy as

well as softer, i.e. it moisturizes better.


The life-time of the sprouts is extended (best-before date).

Labour-time saving

Cleaning the cultivation containers previously both labor-intensive and time consuming. Now only

hosing is required.

Improved environment

The whirled water balances harmful energy emission from lighting and appliances.

Economic improvements

Shortened time for germination. Reduced purchase of seed. Reduced time, effort for cleaning the

equipment. Avoid investments in larger premises, equipment for capacity expansion - the company

expects to save large amounts.

Dark environment offers the best conditions for the comparison of cultivation results

To conduct comparative tests regarding cultivation results in greenhouses is difficult as the number

of hours of sunshine and planting conditions vary. Cultivation trials should be done in isolated

greenhouses as the increased energy of the swirling water - in the damp air that prevails - easily jump

over to the section that is watered the standard way. I.e. the prerequisites for conducting

comparative tests are better in dark environment.

Munka Grodden,

Kenneth Bendroth

Comment: During a period we tried to grow sprouts without the PlusMinus vortex. Due to numerous

reasons – cleaning, production time, crop, etc. – I decide to re-install the vortex.

Munka Ljungby – juni 2014


Water - very important to our health.

We consist of around 2/3 of water. The water we drink can provide minerals, energy and be a help during purges.

Water having purifying and invigorating effect was already known to the ancient Romans building their many

public bathes. To take waters is considered to be generally healing and promote health.

In Sweden many wells and swimming-baths were established during the 1800 and 2000th century.

The most well-known were Medevi,Ramlösa, Ronneby and Loka.

When you let water out of the bathtub it moves in a whirl.

But this natural movement is hampered in the long water pipes and many of it´s original positive characteristics

get lost. By allowing water to flow through the Plus & Minus vortices you can however give back the tap water

the energy-giving qualities. The spiral motion that occurs in the eddy is to compare to the movement that you see

in a murmuring brook. The water takes up oxygen.

When drinking or watering with this whirled water the life process of both humans, animals and plants is influenced.

The swirling water has a positive energy effect on both brain and body.

It has been found that the water resonance (self energy) is changed when swirling.

A wavelength shift of the water towards lower wavelength gives a higher frequency and energy content which

remains for a long time. The swirled water has the power to counteract and balance the environment and by doing

so protect us from the radiation from electric devices, computers, cell/mobile phones and so on.

To drink the swirled water is good for the energy balance between the hemispheres.

The brain then gives the correct signals to the various organs of the body. Especially since most of us have too

high energies in the right half and often low energies in the left

half of the brain.

The PlusMinus whirler sets free lime from the piping.

Reduces the need of chlorination. Swimming halls having installed a PlusMinus Water

Whirler have been able to reduce chlorine in the water.

Bacteria in swirled water will be reduced.

The whirling improves the photosynthesis in crops and increases the formation of antioxidants.

In case of the biological toxin Lipopolysaccharide Endotoxin (LPS) it will be dramatically reduced.

The vortices are easy to assemble to the piping, To the central incoming water pipe of a family

house it will take approx half an hour until you have whirled water in all taps of the building.

For farming, agriculture, industry etcetera various small and large dimensions are available.

The Plus & Minus vortices have since 1994 been installed in thousands of private-and public houses,

apartments, swimming halls, offices etcetera.


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